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Felt. Technically pool table felt is baize, not felt. Felt is a cloth that is not woven, and pool table felt is woven baize constructed specifically for pool table use. The two most popular brands are Simonis and Granito, and there are a handful more. Each cloth made has properties that will affect the way the balls react and how long the felt will last.

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Q: What is the felt like material used for covering pool tables called?
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What kind of felt is required for tournament poker tables?

You simply want to order felt from sites which sell material for card tables or pool tables. There are a number of sites which will even provide custom felt tops like It is simply called table felt. It is similar to thfelt that is used on other gambling tables,and also on pool tables.

Felt like material used for covering card and billiard tables?

BAIZE Baize is most often used on snooker and billiards tables to cover the slate and cushions, and is often used on other kinds of gaming tables such as those for blackjack, baccarat, crapsand other casino games

What is another name for green felt like substance used on billiard tables?

The fabric is called billiard cloth or felt, but technically is not related to felt. The cloth is a woven material consisting mainly of wool and called baize. The term baize is not used by players, the surface is referred to as felt.

What is the top of a pool table called?

Felt covering

What is baize?

Baize is a variety of thick, soft, woollen cloth which resembles felt, often coloured green and used for covering card tables, billiard and snooker tables.

Where is the trunk trim piece on a 2005 Toyota Camry?

I believe you are referring to the material covering the inside of the trunk. The felt like material.

Do you have to take the felt off of a pool table when taking it apart?

Yes and no. Most 7 foot tables are made with a 1 piece slate (or other cheaper material), so the felt does not need to be remove. However, all 9 and 10 foot tables, and nearly all 8 foot tables use a 3 piece which requires felt removal and significant work to properly re-assemble.

What is felt-back vinyl?

Vinyl floor covering.

What material doesn't fray?

felt :)

What is the real name for the green felt on pool tables?

The correct term is Baize.

What is the material used to cover card or billiard tables?

Felt, however the same types of felt are not used for these 2 very different purposes. There are many type of felt. Pool table felt is unique and is expensive, generally with the most expensive pool table felts being the best for speed and ball action. Card table felt is simple fabric that can be purchased at a fabric store - the only requirement for card table felt is to cover the table and last awhile under card playing.

What is a felt maker called?

A felt marker is simply called a marker or felt marker.