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the favorite nfl football team in England is the Bangals

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Gotta be the Green Bay Packers!

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Q: What is the favorite NFL football team in England?
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What is your favorite team sport?

Pittsburgh Steelers. NFL football.

What was Michael Jackson's favorite NFL football team?

It was most likely the New England Patriots, he had ties to them. Although, there is no definite answer.

Is NFL peoples favorite football team?


What NFL team has the better overall football team?

New England Patriots

What is massacusetts' NFL football team?

New England Patriots

What is Cody Simpson's favorite NFL football team?

Baltimore ravens

Who was Dale Earnhardt Sr's favorite football team?

Dale Jr's favorite NFL team is the Washington Redskins.

Who is the second best nfl football team?

New England Patriots

What is justin biebers favorite nfl football team?

The New York Giants.

Who is Jeff Gordon's favorite football team?

Oakland Raiders as of the Nfl persay

What is the best NFL football team in your opinion?

New England PatriotsAtlanta FalconsANY NEW YORK TEAM

What is the most popular NFL football team in history?

The Green Bay Packers, everyone's favorite underdog team.