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That is not a standardized race; it is not raced at an international level, and so the fastest time has not been recorded

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Q: What is the fastest time for the 75 meter hurdles?
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How many Hurdles are in a 75 meter relay?

There are 7 hurdles in a 75 meter relay

How many hurdles are in the 75m race for girls?

There are 7 hurdles in the 75 meter hurdle run.

What is the Fastest 8 year old 75 meter sprint?

10.8 seconds for a 12 year old

What are the three races that start by crouching?

1. 200 meter dash 2. 100 meter dash 3. 75 meter hurdles In races for track and field you don't crouch you have a starter block which you..... start from!

What colour are 75 meters hurdles markings?


How do you convert a 70 meter time to a 75 yard time my school record is 8.3 seconds for the 75 yard dash I was wondering what that time would be for the 70 meter dash after all the conversions?

75 yards is 68.58m so to convert 8.3s for 75 yards to 70m: = 70/68.58 x 8.3 = 8.47s

Fastest wc xp in runescape?

Best for 30 - 75 wc is Willows and from 75 onwards it's yews, because of time cutting.

What is fastest time of 75 year old man in 10km race?

36.51 by David fox

75 cm is equal to how many meter?

75 cms is equal to 0.75 meter.

What is the fastest speed a windmill has gone?

The tips of the blades move the fastest. The 50 meter long (radius) blades of a 2 MW turbine rotate at about 14 rpm when the wind is 8 m/s; the tips of the blades are then moving at about 75 m/s.

What is the relationship between 75 centameters and 1 meter?

75 cm equals three quarters of a meter

What is the relationship between 75 centimeters and 1 meter?

75 cm = 3/4 meter or 0.75 meters

How many cm is 75 percent of a meter?

75 cm 1 meter = 100 centimeters 1 centimeter = 0.01 meter

How many m are in 75 km?

1 km = 1000 meter 75 km = 75000 meter

75 miles in meter?

75 miles = 120,700.8 meters.

What is 75 cm in meters?

75 centimeters is 0.75 meter.

What fraction of a meter is 75 centimeters?

There are 100 centimeters in 1 meter, so 75/100 is the fraction. When simplified, it is just 3/4.

What is the fastest mammal in the world?

The fastest mammal on earth is the cheetah. The fastest cheetahs have been clocked at speeds of 70 to 75 mph.

How many meter in 75 cm?

75 centimeters is 0.75 meters.

75 centimeters is what fraction of a meter?

75 centimetres is what fraction of a metre

How many meter is 75 foot?

75 feet = 22.9 metres

How many meter are in 75 km?

75 km = 75,000 m

What fraction of 1 meter is 75 centimeters?

75 centimeters is 3/4 of a meter. 1m=100cm 75/100 = (3x25)/(4x25)= 3/4

Which animal is the fastest on earth?

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land at about 70-75 mph bursts of speed.

What is the fastest recorded cheetah speed?

75 mph