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The fastest time for a 16 year old boy in 100m is 15.24 seconds while in 200m is 30.11 seconds.

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Q: What is the fastest time for a 16 year old boy in the 100m and 200m?
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What time should an 8 year old girl run the 100m and 200m?

15 seconds

What is the fastest time for a 13 year old boy in a 100m and 200m?

Ok, well I'm 13 years old (male) and I can run 100m in 11.89 seconds but i don't know about 200m, I think i got something in the 24 seconds. well i am 13 and i do 11.3 for 100m and i do a 22.7 for 200m but i am the state champion 15.5 is average I'm 13 (male) and I can run the 100m in 12.3 seconds and the 200m 25.7 I'm 14 (just turned 2 weeks ago) and I ran the 100m in 11.04seconds and run the 200m in 22.0 flat the 400m in 49.77 and the 110m hurdles in 13.92(male).

What is the fastest time for 100m girl year 6?

9.57 was mine

What is the fastest time for an 8 year old boy to run 100m?


What is the fastest 11 year old 100m time?

The 11 year old's name is Omar, and he ran the 100m race in 11.34 seconds.

What is the 100m fastest time ever run?

The fastest 100m time ever run is by an 11 year old boy from Ireland. He ran the 100m sprint in a shocking time of 9.41 seconds. Its hard to Believe but it is true. His name was James Mulvihill

Who is the fastest 12 year old and at what time?

well I'm 12 and the fastest in my division and I can get 11.34 secs. on the 100m

What is the fastest time a 10 year old girl ran the 100m dash?


What is the fastest 11 year old 200m time?

Such records are not kept, except possibly at a local level

Fastest time for a 50 year old man to run 100m?

13-18 seconds

What is the fastest time by a 12 year old over 100m?

well i did 11.9 i think that's fast

What is the fastest time for a 9 year old girl running 100m?

Probably only 12.5 I guess.

What year did the 100m dash become an event for the Olympics?

I could be wrong, but I think 1896, the fastest time was 13.0 seconds.

What is the average speed for a 12 year old 100m sprinter?

americans and other people are slow (except jamaicans). in jamaica right now a 12 year old is running 10.80 and he is jogging and running 22 flat in the 200m. and im running 25 flat in 200m and 12 flat in the 100m

What is the fastest time for 15 year old 100m sprint?

Well, my friend ran it in 10.85s so I dunno whether that is the quickest or not.

What is a good 100m time for 14 year old boy?

The fastest ever time for a 14 year old boy to run 100m is 10.72 seconds, a boy from Newcastle, England named Thomas Williams also Harry King from Torbay Devon a 12 year old boy ran 100m in 11.27 seconds

Why was Jersey City's location important in Colonial times?

i wishs i run 9.01 seconds in the 100m next year and 200m 18.93 seconds next year

Ask the magic genie online to grant your wishes free?

i wish i run 9.01 second in the 100m next year and the 200m 18.93

what is a 13 year old average time for 100 meters hurdles?

Well mine is 14.00s and was the first time I had done hurdles, normally a high jumper or 100m-200m sprinter. Been told by my teachers I should focus on 100m-110m Hurdles now though. Sorry if this isn't much help, I don't know the average times for 100m hurdles only my own.

What is the fastest 100m dash by 19 year-old male athlete?

9.93 by Yohan Blake, Jamaica

Fastest 16 year old 100m?

The national record for U.S.A ages 15-16 is 10.54.

What is the fastest 14 year old over 100m?

The fastest 13 year old that ran 100m ran 9.23 He also ran a 200 in 23.04 Jon Moore from Lone Oak, TX Wow what a lie! The World Record is 9.58 by Usain Bolt. The fastest time for a 13 year old is probably an 11.2 but that's just a guess! UK record is 10.98 set in 1989 in south London at the national final Set by Richard James he was 14 at the time

What is the fastest 100m run by a 13 year old?

boy or girl 11 flat boy 11.5 girl

Good speed for 100m and 200m 17 year old boy?

Well, you see! The speed for a 17-year old boy is simply faster, right? So the speed is 21.6km/hr!

What is the average time for a 8 year old 100m?

about 16.81