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As of September 15, 2008 the current women's world record in the 400 meters is held by Marita Koch of (East) Germany who set the mark in 1985 at 47.60 seconds.

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Q: What is the fastest time a woman has run a 400 meter race?
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What is the fastest time a person has run a 1400 meter race?

The fastest time a person has run a 1400 meter race is 3 minutes 43.13 seconds. Moroccan athlete Hicham el Guerrouj ran it in 2011.

What is the fastest time for the 75 meter hurdles?

That is not a standardized race; it is not raced at an international level, and so the fastest time has not been recorded

What is the fastest time a person has run a 500 meter race?

Michael Johnson

What is the Fastest time for a 13 year old athlete in a 200 meter race?


What was the fastest 200 meter race ever run?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica ran the fastest time in the 200 meter dash with a time of 19.30 seconds set at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

What is the fastest time a 12 year old ran the 400 meter race?

43 seconds

Worlds fastest 3000 meter run?

he 3000 meter run, is considered as the shortest distance race in the track. The Fastest time for Men's 3000 Meter race is 7:20.67. It is a world record and was made by Daniel Komen of Kenya on 9th January, 1996. Gagan saini

What is the fastest time for 100 meter race?

9.58 seconds By Usain Bolt of Jamaica in Berlin in 2009.

What was the fastest time for 50 meter swim?

The fastest time for the girls 50 meter swimming is 18.19.

What is the fastest 3200 Meter Run time for a woman?

The fastest Two Mile time is 8:58.58, and is 18 yards longer than the 3200. I guess you could subtract 2+ seconds.

Who had the fastest 100 meter time female in 2007?

In 2007, Veronica Campbell-Brown from Kingston, Jamaica ran the 100 meter in 10.89. She is tied with Evelyn Ashford as the eighth fastest woman in the world for running the 100 meter in 10.76 May 31, 2011.

How do you convert a 600 meter race time into a 400 meter race time?

cut the time down by 33.3%

What is the fastest 100 yard run?

The official world best is 9.07 seconds by Asafa Powell. It was run in 2010 during a 100 meter race (the time it took him to cover the first 100 yards or 91 meters or the 100 meter race)

What is the fastest time for a women's 800 meter run in America?

The fastest time is 1.53.42

What is winning time for a 5k?

The fastest time recorded for the race.

What is the fastest time for 100 meter dash?


What is the fastest time a person has runt he 40 meter sprint?

The fastest child on earth is 7.4

What would 10.80 time for 95 meter race converted to 100 meter race?

11.37 would be for 100 meters.

Who has the fastest time in a 100 meter sprint?

usain bolt has the fastest time with 9.58 which he got in 2009 at the world championships in Berlin

How does a horse get to race in the triple crown?

fastest time

How do you convert a 3000 meter race time into the equivalent 2 mile race time?

2 miles is about 3200 meters. So multiply the 3000 meter race time by 3200/3000 (about 1.067) to get the 2 mile time at the same average speed.

Who is the fastest women hurdler on earth?

The fastest time for the 100 meter hurdles is 12.21 seconds by Yordanka Donkova of Bulgaria set in 1988. The women's fastest time for the 400 meter hurdles is 52.34 seconds by Yuliya Pechonkina of Russia set in 2003.

What is the difference between the fastest man and the fastest woman?

Over 100m the time difference between word records is 0.91s. Between the current fastest man and fastest woman it is 1.06s.

What is the world's fastest 40 meter time?

4.09 seconds

Fastest time in the 10000 meter in 2008?

26 mins