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Asafa Powell was clocked at 32 mph at his fastest point in the 100m dash when he ran his 9.74.but... it is wrong because Usain bolt ran .16 faster than him. at 33mph at an 100m dash...

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The record for the 100 meter race is now is 9.58 secondswhich was run by Usain Bolt.

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26.55 mph

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35 mph

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27 miles per hour

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Q: What is the fastest speed reached by a person on foot?
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Fastest speed attained by a human?

The fastest record speed attained by a human on foot is 27.44 miles per hour. This speed was attained by Usain Bolt in the 100 yard dash.

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The ostrich is the fastest bird on foot, traveling in short intervals at up to 65 k/ph (40 m/ph).

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How fast can the average man sprint?

The average man can sprint 15. 9 miles per hour. The record holder for the fastest 100 meter is Usain Bolt. He ran at a foot speed of 27. 44 miles per hour.