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According to Guiness, 13.3 seconds in 1932 by Evar Swanson at Columbus, OH.

According to Ken Burns' "Baseball" - Inning 5 Chapter, James "Cool Papa" Bell rounded the bases in 11 seconds.

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Q: What is the fastest record for rounding the bases in baseball?
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What is a fast running time in softball home to home?

The fastest time rounding the bases in a game of baseball is 13.3 seconds. This record was set by Evar Swanson in 1932.

What is the major league average time for rounding the bases in baseball?

13 seconds

What important major league baseball record was set by Ty Cobb in 1915?

Ty Cobb is a baseball legend 100x. In 1915 he set a long standing record for stolen bases in a season. The Great One stole 96 bases in 1915. This record lasted many years.

What baseball world record did Billy Sunday hold until 1945?

most stolen bases

What is the record for most stolen bases by a rookie in a single major league baseball season?

That record is held by Vince Coleman of the St. Louis Cardinals who stole 110 bases in his rookie year of 1985.

What are some of the tips on teaching base running in softball?

When running the bases make sure to run the fastest. Second, have a good turn when rounding the bases. When turning the bases make sure you've started your curve around a third of the distance of the bases. make sure never slow down when you're about to slide. Lastly, baserunning should be practiced

In major league baseball who hold record for most bases stollen?

Rickey Henderson stole 1406 bases during his career (from 1979 to 2003).

Who holds the Major league Baseball record for the most stolen bases in a single season?

Rickey Henderson

Is Go Wide a baseball term?

Only as a descripted term, such as "the baserunner should not go wide of the bag when rounding the bases", or, "pitcher should go wide (pitch outside) to this hitter".

Who has the Record for stolen bases in a career?

Rickey Henderson holds the record for most career stolen bases with 1,406.

What Major League baseball player stole the most bases in his baseball career?

Rickey Henderson, with 1,406, shattering the old record of 938 set by Lou Brock

What baseball player broke Ty Cobb's single season record for stolen bases?

In 1962 Maury Wills stole 104 bases. Cobb's record of 96 stolen bases in 1915 had stood for 57 years. Wills was very efficent. He was thrown out only 13 times in his 117 attempts.

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