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My grandson ran a 1:35 quarter mile, it was the best in his school for K thru 3rd grade. he is in kindergarten.

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Q: What is the fastest quarter mile for a 6yr old boy?
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What is the fastest mile ran by a 1st grader?

the fastest mile is ran by a boy named clark stevens 8:23

What is the fastest mile run by a 6 year old boy?

13 seconds

What is the fastest mile time for 11 year old boy?

I WASNT TRYING MY HARDEST CUZ I WANTED TO STAY BESIDE MY BROTHER BUT WE DID IT IN about 6mins on a rugged course im 11 my brothers 9:)

What is the fastest time for a 10 year old boy for 1 mile?

it is 19.23 seconds

What is the fastest three mile run by a 12 year old boy?

Eric Hulst 14.57.93