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4.43 By Heber Springs, Arkansas boy

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2009-04-15 22:24:13
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Q: What is the fastest mile run in a Junior high school track meet?
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What is the fastest mile run in high school track for boys?

The record for the fastest mile run the high school track is 3.53.43.

What is the fastest mile run in a high school track meet?

Jim Ryun has the fastest mile time in a high-school only track meet. Alan Webb, holds the high-school boy's record at 3:53.43, but this was set in 2001 at the Prefontaine Classic, which is a professional meet.

How many miles is a junior high running track?

That depends on your track, but MOST school tracks are 1/4 mile, or 440 yards.

What is the fastest high school 100 meter track record?

Armon Owens Cy-Falls High School. 10.43 100 meter undefeated

Are junior high school track the same distant as high school track?

Outdoor tracks are almost always 400 meters long for one lap. There is no standard for a high school track vs. a middle school one. Tracks tend to be the same length so that the same events can be easily run on them.

Do you capitalize junior high school?

No unless it is a proper noun such as Marshall Junior High School, but I can talk about junior high school without capitalization.

When was Park Junior High School created?

Park Junior High School was created in 2003.

Where is Orangeview Junior High?

Orangeview Junior High School is a 7th-8th grade public junior high school- middle school in Anaheim, California.

Should junior high school be capitalized?

It is not necessary to capitalize junior high school unless it is part of the proper name.I attend ABCD Junior High School in Philadelphia.I attended two different junior high schools.

Is Laura Roesler the fastest high school track runner in the state of North Dakota?

Laura Roesler could be said to be the fastest high school track runner in North Dakota at this time (2011-2012). She has set records at high school meets in both North Dakota and South Dakota and has qualified for the Olympic Trials.

What is the Japanese word for junior high school?

"Junior high school" (middle school) is 'chuugakkou' in Japanese.

What is junior high school?

Junior High School is an outdated term for what is now known as MIDDLE SCHOOL.

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