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a gear-box kart i think it can do about a 150 mph depending on how you gear it

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Q: What is the fastest go kart engine?
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What is the fastest go-kart in the world?

A Superkart is the fastest kind of go-kart.

What is the fastest go kart?


What is a go kart?

A go kart is basicaly a mini race car for kids except it doesn't go as fast, and when racing, you don't do 200-250 laps. ***Edit by Kartgirl72*** Actually, a kart isn't just for kids. There are many adults who do the sport. There are also races called endurance races that do 100-250 laps. There are many different types of karts and engines. Engines= Komet Piston Port, fastest engine for teens, Yamaha, mid horsepower for any age, Shifter, fastest kart engine, TaG (Touch and Go) second fastest kart engine, Cadet, an okay speed for kids, and Kid Karts, the slowest which is for 5-8 year old kids. There are countless types of kart brands so I wont name them.

What is the fastest kart in Mario Kart Wii?

The fastest kart in Mario kart wii is the Jetsetter.

What was the Fastest car in England in the 1950s?

A Go-Kart

How fast does the fastest go kart go?

faster than the others

Mario kart wiis fastest vike or kart?

Karts go faster, but bikes can wheelie for more speed.

Is a 115cc engine fast for a go-kart?

A 115CC engine is fast for a go-kart. It should enable the driver to get some good speed. You can also use a 110CC engine.

Who has the fastest go kart?

Jesus Hernandez, from Iving Texas he be flying

What he fastest go kart at celebration station?

about 150 miiles an hour

What is the acceleration of a 30.0-kg go-kart if the thrust of its engine is 300.0N?

what is the acceleration of a 30.0-kg go kart if the thrust of its engine is 300.0 N?

How many mph can a 8hp go kart go?

well a regular go kart engine is usually a 5.5 hp and thoose can go about 25-35 depending on the weight and engine but a 8 hp engine would probaly go about 40-50 depending on the engine and weight again

What the fastest bike Mario Kart?

Bullet bike is the fastest bike in mario kart wii.

How do you make a go kart go faster?


What makes a electric go kart engine go?

is it obvious that the electricity will make the weals spin therefore pushing the kart

What is the fastest kart in mrio kart?

the wild wing

How fast does a 5hp engine go in a go kart?

70 kmph

What is the second fastest kart or bike in Mario kart wii?

The Torpedo/Spear (large bike) is the second fastest.

Will a go kart engine work with a cracked block?


Where can one buy a Go Kart Engine in the US?

If one is seeking to buy a go kart engine in the United States, an excellent resource would be one of the carting magazines, such as Karting World, Go Kart Magazine, Go Racing Magazine, or National Kart News. They are filled with information on how to build and modify go carts, as well as advertisements to parts shops and suppliers.

What is Yoshi's best kart in Mario Kart?

The speadster is the fastest

What the fastest Mario Kart?

mario kart 7 on a 3ds

Who ivented the go kart?

Soldiers from the American Navy got bored and put a lawnmower engine to a kart.

What is the acceleration of a 30.0-kg go kart if the thrust of its engine is 300.0 N?

10 m/s^2 is the acceleration of a 30.0-kg go kart if the thrust of its engine is 300.0 N.

How fast can a 4.5hp go kart engine go?

with a four stroke engine probably 30-35 mph.