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There is no "official" record for the fastest softball pitch. Here are some of the reputed records after a search of various archives: The Guinness Book of Records is supposed to have clocked a softball pitch at 68.9 miles per hour. National Pro Fastpitch (NPF), a women's professional softball league, claims that pitches of "70+" MPH are common. There are many other references in various sources making the same 70+ miles per hour claim. The fastest softball pitch reportedly clocked at the Atlanta Olympics was 73.2 MPH. Eddie Feigner, a famous softball player and the founder of the "King and His Court" 4-man softball team is supposed to have been clocked at 104 miles per hour. In a game against Major Leaguers ballplayers, Eddie Feigner struck out, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Brooks Robinson Willie McCovey, Maurey Wills, and Harmon Killebrew all in a row. Source:
95 mph

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Q: What is the fastest a softball pitcher has ever thrown?
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Who is the fastest softball pitcher ever?

Peter meredith

What was the fastest ball ever thrown in softball?

Chap a nikiloson smand

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman?

I play softball so i should know ! The fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman was 80 something mph.

Fastest softball pitch ever thrown?

It was 130 miles per hour by a fast pitch softball player.

Worlds fastest softball pitcher?

There's no real record to substantiate who the fastest pitcher is or was, but Eddie Feigner, the self-proclaimed King of Softball, was once clocked at 104 mph and is considered if not the fastest, at least one of the fastest ever.

What is the fastest softball ever pitched by a female?

72 mph and it was thrown by Michelle Smith hope this helps

Who was the fastest pitcher ever?

Satchel Paige was the fastest pitcher ever witnessed

What is the fastest fastball ever thrown in baseball?

105 mph is the fastest fast ball ever thrown in baseball.

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown at Fenway Park?

The fastest pitch thrown at Fenway Park was 108 mph.

What is the fastest ball ever thrown in international cricketand by whom?

The fastest ball ever thrown in international cricket is at 154KMP by Shoib Akthar of pakistan.

What is the fastest fastpitch pitch ever thrown by a girl?

the fastest pitch ever recorded was 93.2 in the 1996 olimpics!!!

What is the fastest that a baseball was thrown by a twelve year old boy?

The fastest pitch ever thrown clocked officially was 78 MPH.

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in womens softball?

77.6 mph.

What was the fastest underhand pitch ever thrown?

95 mph

What is the fastest pitch Jamie Moyer has ever thrown?


By whom fastest hardball ever thrown?

The fastest ever ball bowled in cricket is by Brett Lee about 156 kmh.

Can a softball runner ever be called out while in contact with the base?

no. the only way to get out while base running is: if you get thrown out. if you get tagged out. or, if you lead off before the pitcher has released the ball.

Watch is the fasted softball pitch ever?

The fastest softball pitch ever recored was from a 18 year old girl from Texas at the speed of 95!!

What is the fastest underhand pitch?

The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!

Fastest fastball ever thrown?

me at 700 mph dont hate

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by Randy Johnson?

102 mph

What is the speed of the fastest ball thrown ever in cricket matches?


Who is the fastest baseball pitcher?

The fastest baseball pitcher is Aroldis Chapman. He pitched the fastest fastball ever recorded, clocking at 105 mile per hour.

What was the fastest picth ever thrown in MLB?

Aroldis Chapman for the Cincinatti Reds threw a 106mph that is believed by many to be the fastest pitch ever.

Has a pitcher ever thrown a three pitch inning?

thousands of times