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The fastest a football has ever been thrown was a pass by Joe Montana at the speed of 82 mph. ----

Sorry, don't believe it. An object that travels 82 miles per hour travels 120 feet in one second. That's 40 yards. My guess would be maybe 60 or so MPH would be an extremely fast throw. Can anybody give a better answer and include a link to the source of the answer? ---- Brett Favre has always been known to have the hardest throws in football. A while back when he was with the Packers, Monday Night Football used radar on several of his throws and I'm pretty sure he was topping out around 70/71. I can't quite remember. Also, Joe Montana had a weak arm compared to a lot of QB's. The reason he was so good was because of his ability to recognize defensive coverage schemes and constantly being on the same page as his receivers.

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Q: What is the fastest a football has ever been thrown?
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