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Q: What is the fastest MIDDLE school 100 meter time in mesquite?
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What is the fastest 100 meter time in middle school?

10.9 or 11.0. Not sure though. I don't know who holds it either.

What is the fastest 400 meter run by an high school student?

The world record was set in February 2009 for the fastest 400 meter run by a high school student. Sixteen year old, Colton Hyde of Lynnville, completed a 42 second 400 meter dash.

What is the fastest 800 meter run in middle school?

Jean Baptiste Tooley ran 2:01.81 at the 2011 Portland CYO Meet of Champions as a 14 year old 8th grader.

Who holds fastest South Carolina high school 100 meter dash?

jerry murdock

What is the fastest 800 meter in New Mexico?

The 800 meter dash high school record in New Mexico is 1.51.73 by David Krummenacher from Las Cruces High School in 1993.

What is the fastest 200 meter time run by a high school student from Virginia in 2008?

23 seconds

Fastest high school 1600 meter relay time?

Alan Webb currently holds the fastest high school 1600 meter relay time of 3:53.43. He broke a 36 year standing record set by Jim Ryan in 1965 of 3:55.3.

What is the fastest 400 meter time in high school?

well, relative to the results that we had in our high school athletics meet, the fastest time recorded is 47.47seconds in 2009.

What is American middle school record for the 100 meter dash?

Idk the record but my middle school record was 11.2 set by Lamaris Reed

Who is the fastest 2012 high school freshman in the 800 meter run in the Mountain valley conference?

Aldana he runs a 2:02

How do you win a 100 meter race without being the fastest runner?

Sorry, you have to be the fastest runner to win the 100 meter race.

Distance of a meter?

the distance between an elementary school and a middle school near carol's house is 4.05 kilometers.what is that distance in meters?