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Dick Rondeau of Dartmouth College scored 12 goals and 11 assists against Middlebury College in 1943. This record still stands today as most goals, assists, total points by one player in any college or professional hockey game.

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in 2010, Cam Atkinson of Boston College had the most college hockey goals in the country. He took the national goal scoring lead with two goals in BC's 5-0 win over Wisconsin in the national championship

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brett hull

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Q: What is the fastest 4 goals in NCAA hockey?
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5 3-2 is a good scoring game with an average of five points in total

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FASTEST THREE GOALS IN A SINGLE GAME (one player): BILL MOSIENKO, 21 SECONDS, March 23, 1952 FASTEST THREE GOALS IN A SINGLE GAME (one team): 20 seconds - Boston Bruins, at Boston, Feb. 25, 1971 3rd period. --John Bucyk scored at 4:50, Ed Westfall at 5:02 and Ted Green at 5:10.