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well, relative to the results that we had in our high school athletics meet, the fastest time recorded is 47.47seconds in 2009.

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49 second was done by someone in my high school for the 400m

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Q: What is the fastest 400 meter time in high school?
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What is the fastest 200 meter time run by a high school student from Virginia in 2008?

23 seconds

Fastest high school 1600 meter relay time?

Alan Webb currently holds the fastest high school 1600 meter relay time of 3:53.43. He broke a 36 year standing record set by Jim Ryan in 1965 of 3:55.3.

Who is fastest 2010 high school freshman in the 800 meter run?

Pedro De Leon, A freshman in Ogden Utah, ran the 800 meter run in a time of 2:05.94 On March 30, 2011

What is the fastest 800 meter relay time in high school?

The World Record for running 800 meters was set in 1997 by Wilson Kipketer of Denmark in a time of 1:41.11.

Fastest time run in high school in the 100?

Jeff Demps 10.01

What is the fastest 100 meter time in middle school?

10.9 or 11.0. Not sure though. I don't know who holds it either.

What is a fast 200 meter for high school?

According to Track and Field News, the high school record for 100 meters dash is Armon Owens from Cy-falls high school is the fastest kid to date undefeated in the 100 metes dash to date. His current time is 10.43 he is a Cy-falls High School Senior, in Houston, Texas.

What is the 100 meter dash high school girl time?

14. 56 is a good time

Fastest time by a women under 17 years?

The current record holder for girls high school 400 meter dash is Monique Henderson. She set the record of 50.74 seconds on June 3, 2000.

Who is a 3 time Calif state high school 400 meter champ?


What high school boy set the fastest record in the 100 meter dash in Texas?

For high school boys it is Nate Jones who ran a 10.44 at the Richardson Invitational on 3/12/2010.

What is the fastest time a person has runt he 40 meter sprint?

The fastest child on earth is 7.4