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The official world best is 9.07 seconds by Asafa Powell. It was run in 2010 during a 100 meter race (the time it took him to cover the first 100 yards or 91 meters or the 100 meter race)

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Q: What is the fastest 100 yard run?
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What is the fastest time a High School female has run 100 yard dash?

18 seconds

What is the fastest time to run a 100 yard dash for a 12 year old?

29 sec

Fastest 50 yard run?


What is the fastest human outrun in a 100-yard race?

cheetah is the fastest human outrun.

What is the world's fastest time in the 50 yard run?

do not known

Who is the fastest runner in California for the 100 yard dash?


Fastest 100 yard dash?

riley david larue(fastest man in the world) born on october 18, 1988 ran a 100 yard dash in 5.28 seconds in pauls alley way on october 5th 2009.This guy must run a 2 second 40

How fast did Trent Richardson run in the 40 yard dash?

his fastest is 4.29

What are the rules for the 100 yard dash?

Run in your lane

What was Eric liddels fastest time in the 100 meters?

did he not run the 100 yards

How fast did Jalen run the 40 yard dash?

6.3 seconds, fastest on my team.

How many 100 yard dashes would you have to run to make a mile?

You would need to run 17.6 100-yard dashes to equal one mile.

Who ran fastest Top 10 100 yard dash NFL?

darrell green

Fastest person who did 100 meter run?

Usain Bolt

Who is the fastest human to run 100 meters?

Usain Bolt.

What is the fastest 100 yard dash time?

Bob Hayes has the world record in the 100 yard dash. This record was set in the year 1963. This is a separate race from the 100 meter dash.

Who run the fastest 40-yard dash for the ny giants?

Steve Smith their wide receiver

Who is The fastest elementary kid to run in the 40 yard dash?

Eric Le: 47 seconds

Who is the Fastest white man in 100 yard dash?

Wayne Johnson, 1978, Richardson High School.9.3 hundred yard dash.

What is the fastest 100 meter run by a 9 year old?


Who is the fastest women to run the 100 meters?

Florence Griffith-Joyner

How fast is your 40 yard dash if you run a 12.3 second 100 meter?

If you run a 12.3-second 100-meter, your approximate time for the 40-yard dash is 4.5 seconds.

What was the fastest 100 yard time ever posted by an NFL player?

Bob Hayes in 1964. 100 yards in 9.1. 100 meters in 10.04

How fast can a kid run the 100 yard dash?

im 12 and i run it in about 14.52 second

Fastest time run in high school in the 100?

Jeff Demps 10.01