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Q: What is the fast mile time for a person to push an orange with their nose?
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What color is Bert's nose from sesame street?

I think his nose is purple actually...

What color in Elmo the Muppet's nose?

Your Answer: OrangeDid you know:Elmo is a Muppet on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with large white eyes and an orange nose.

What is the color of elmos nose in sesame street?


Does Frosty the Snowman have a orange nose?

No, Frosty has a red, round nose, which can be discovered from a quick Google search.

Please tell you in Ramadan hw you put water in nose if you have fast and if you put water in nose during fast its go up by mistake tell you your fast broke?

it's okay to put water in your nose and blow it out again ... and if it goes up your nose by mistake then it's okay, your fast is not broken as long as it happened by mistake and not intentionally .

What is a cornflake?

orange gooey milkshake that comes out of dogs nose

What is the fastest record for someone to pick their nose?

pretty darn fast how fast

Why is your white cat turning orange?

The most common nose color for a red ("orange") cat is brick red although black is seen too. We are talking about the tip of the nose, the part with no hair on it. If the red is dilute (cameo or cream) the nose may be closer to pink. It's all genetics.

What is the 90s board game with the orange box that looks like a face and you pulled the nose to roll the dice?

Win by a Nose

Is the noun nose a person or thing?

The noun "nose" refers to a thing, specifically the facial organ used for breathing and sensing odors.

Do muslims break their fast with a nose bleed?

No. Never.

How fast does snot come out of your nose?

about 150 MPH