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The farthest distance a race horse has come from behind to win is great. This horse went from last place to first place.

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Q: What is the farthest distance a race horse has come from behind to win?
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Its a joke. Question: When does a cart come before a horse? Answer: In a dictionary.

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First do not come up behind the horse and scare it alway come from the side and let it know you are there. Second keep the horse moving, do not let it eat grass throughout the pasture. Try taking the lead rope and waving it around almost like a crop. That will get the horse somewhat tired and it might give up. Another way is to take a carrot and pretend to eat it, this will mak the horse want it too come closer. Once the horse is close enough using any of these tricks take the lead rope and put it over its neck so you will have the horse and be able to put on it halter. I hope these help.

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it effects animals such as horses . if you come behind a horse it will probably kick you and might cause you to die . if you are afraid of an animal they know. they know that so they might hurt you

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Estonian native horse

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Jay Cutler has 19 come from behind victories.

A man come to town on his horse Thursday Spent one night and come back on Thursday How did he do it?


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The grouping of words "The horse and carriage has come," contains both subject (The horse and carriage) and predicate (has come) and is therefore a complete sentence.

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The horse needs to walk.

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You can take a sick horse to a equine vet or you can ring them up and they can come to you, its easy on google look up horse vets in your city and give them a ring and see if they can come and see your sick horse. :)

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You must train the horse to respond to you when you call her. This can take some time, but after it's done, she will come when called.