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standing long jump- 3.71m

running long jump- 8.95m

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2011-04-19 09:12:42
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Q: What is the farthest a man has jumped in metres?
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Whats the farthest a man has ever jumped?

The highest a man has ever jumped is 2.45 metres (8 ft 0.46 in). The farthest a man has ever jumped is 8.95 m (29.4 ft). A man may also jump downward. In this case the farthest jump downward is 102,800 feet (31,330 m).

What is the highest a horse has ever jumped?

A horse has jumped a 2 metres and 47 cm Witha human on their back. And has jumped 2 metres and 80 cm with out a rider.

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What is the height record that Ellen Whitaker has jumped?

2.4 metres in a puissance class

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Michael Jordan has never jumped from the three point line and dunked ball. He has jumped from the three point line before, but never to dunk. The farthest he has jumped to dunk a ball is from the free throw line.

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2km as it is 2000 metres

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It implies the river the man jumped in was LOCATED in a state called 'depression'. (where for depression you could substitute Wyoming). you want it to read:- Wile in a state of depression a man jumped in the river.

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