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6 feet 3 inches, and what a great toss it was.

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Q: What is the farthest a girl has thrown a ball?
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What was the farthest a tennis ball was thrown?

254ft. world record

What ball can be thrown the farthest a baseball football or tennisball?


What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?


Which ball baseball football softball or golf ball will go the farthest when thrown?

golf ball, most aerodynamic

The event in which a heavy ball tied with a chain is thrown?

The event in which a heavy ball tied with a chain is thrown is called the hammer throw. The winner is the person who tosses the hammer the farthest.

Who can kick a soccer ball the farthest and has better aim a boy or a girl?


What golf ball goes the farthest?

a golf ball goes the farthest

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown in?

If the ball was thrown-in by a teammate, no. If the ball was thrown-in by an opponent, yes.

What is the farthest object ever thrown?

a boomerang

Which brand soccer ball will travel the farthest when kicked?

THE Adidas ball will go the farthest.

Which soccerball is the farthest?

the PVC soccer ball can go the farthest

What type of paper ball would launch farthest?

A medium paper ball would launch the farthest.

What s the farthest thrown baseball on record?

430 feet

Longest thrown baseball?

The longest ball thrown was by glen gorbous. The ball was thrown 445 feet and 10 inches

What sports ball can be hit the farthest?

baseball could be hit the farthest because of the way the ball hits the bat

Is it a dead ball if the ball is thrown to first base and hits the base coach?

MLB Rule 5.08 is pretty clear: If a thrown ball accidentally touches a base coach, or a pitched or thrown ball touches an umpire, the ball is alive and in play. However, if the coach interferes with a thrown ball, the runner is out.

How do you use thrown in a sentence?

The ball was thrown across the room.

Which ball kicks the farthest kick ball or soccer balls?


What golf ball gos the farthest?


Which golf ball goes the farthest?


Which ball goes the farthest?


What is the farthest Michael Vick has ever thrown a football?

16 miles, fact!

How is the word thrown used in sentence?

The ball was thrown high into the air.

What is a ball thrown across a football field an example of?

A ball thrown across a football field is an example of a projectile.

On which planet could you kick a ball the farthest?

You could kick a ball the furthest on Mercury.