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Q: What is the famous football pose called?
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What is Joshua Robinson known for?

There doesn't seem to be a person called Joshua Robinson who is famous for anything, but there is a person called Josh Robinson who is famous for playing football.

What was reason for Napoleon's famous pose?

It looked good on canvas.

What is a rose called in Hawaii?

a pose

Do Denmark a famous football team?

Yes Denmark is famous in football

Which film featured the Blue Steel model pose?

The film Zoolander featured the famous Blue Steel model pose. This was the signature pose of the character, Derek Zoolandar, who was played by Ben Stiller.

Is Pele a famous football player?

Yes, Pele is a famous football (soccer) player.

In his most famous pose what does Napoleon have in his right or left hand?

A Royal Scepter

What is Kevin Doyle most famous for?

Kevin Doyle is most famous for being an Irish footballer who plays as a forward for Football League One club called Wovlerhampton Wanderers and the Republican of Ireland National football team.

What do you call the guardian deities in Egyptian Mythology which were represented with the body of a lion and the head of a ram or a man?

The most famous example of such a creature can be found in a reclining pose close to Egypt's world-famous pyramids - it's called the Sphinx.

What is David Gonzales most famous for?

There are multiple famous people called "David Gonzales". There is for example a cartoonist, guitarist and a football player with the name David Gonzales.

Which is world famous game's cricket or football?


Which country is famous for the brand called total football at world cup finals?

It has to be Brazil and their samba footwork as well.