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Q: What is the falling action in travel team?
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What are two falling action events in the movie 8 below?

The first falling action event in the movie "Eight Below" is when Jerry Shepard and the rescue team find three of the surviving dogs in the abandoned base camp. Another falling action event is when the remaining dogs, after being left behind during the rescue mission, are finally reunited with Jerry and the rest of the team.

What is the falling action of Cirque Du Freak by Darren Freak?

the falling action to the falling action is that darren gets a potion for

What is the falling action of the ambitious guest?

falling action of ambitious guest

What is the falling action for the thrid wish?

The falling action for the third wish is something

After the falling action of a story what should the reader expect next?

Falling action

What is the falling action in remember the titans?

falling action of troy

What is the action of a story?

falling action

What comes after the climax?

The falling action takes place after the climax. This is when the story begins to die down and there is less action. The story is almost resolved at this point.

According to freytag What stage of plot immediately follows climax?

Rising action and falling action

What is the rising action and the falling action in a book?

the rising action is what takes you to the climax of the story and the falling actions is what is after the climax.

What is the falling action in found by Margaret Peterson Haddix?

Moron there's no falling action.

What is the falling action in 'The Interlopers'?

There is no falling action in the book. the book jsut leaves you hanging