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Protective gear for the mouth must be a highly visible one

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Q: What is the face part in lacrosse that is mandatory to protect?
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What is a shaft in lacrosse?

The shaft in lacrosse is the stick part. The butt is the rubber stopper on the end of the stick. The head is the plastic part which has the pocket. The shaft is the part of the stick where you hold it.

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Do you have to wear the plasic part on your lacrosse shoulderpads?


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Why is it important to wear goggles in lacrosse?

As Lacrosse is a very fast paced game and the ball can travel at very high speeds when propelled by the stick to player or at the goal, it is a safety measure so that players who take part in the game do not injure their eyes as that part of the face is very delicate and can get permanently damaged if not protected and the ball was to hit the eyes at speed.

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this is used to protect the lower part of our face from chemicals. this is paired with laboratory goggles/glasses. answer by: Frances Mercado :)

Do hurling and lacrosse both use stick with a net?

False. Hurling uses a solid stick, with a wide end. Lacrosse has a net as part of the stick it uses.

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