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10 Minutes golden point then a draw is awarded

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Q: What is the extra time rules in State of Origin Rugby League?
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When was Football League Extra created?

Football League Extra was created in 1994.

When did Football League Extra end?

Football League Extra ended in 2004.

The difference between rugby league and rugby union players?

rugby union have different levels of fitness as some of them are fast runners but not very strong where as some are strong but not very fast. in rugby league all the players are trained to be fast as it is a faster moving game and rugby league is more energetic and more exciting than rugby union _____________________________________________________________________ I believe the above is biased. Rugby Union ("Rugby") is really a team divided in 2, the forwards and the back and while Rugby League ("League") also has forwards and backs, the forwards play an altered role, being of less overall intensity as a group. Forwards in Rugby tend to be bigger and more powerful and agreed, often not as quick. League, a faster moving game? What planet did this answer come from? In League, every time a player is tacked, the game stops, wheras in Rugby, when a player is tacked he must released the ball and the play continues unstopped. Rarely does a League phase last more than 10-20 seconds before play stops, whereas a Rugby series of unstopped phases may last severeral minutes, requiring an extremely high level of fitness. In addition, Rugby has 2 extra players revolving arount the scrum (totalling 15 against Leagues 13). These players, Flankers or Breakaways are usually adept at 'pilfering' of extracting the ball from the opposing team during a ruck and maul.

What is a try a touchdown and an extra point worth in rugby?

The term TRY is used in Rugby League and Union this is when a player puts down the ball on the try. A try is worth 4 point in league and 5 points in Union. Touchdown is used in NFL, this is when a player is in the touch-down region of the field, and he can basically walk though it. Extra point is a field goal which is worth one point. This is used in all three games.

What is the time of extra time in rugby union?

Extra time has no set time limit in rugby. Extra time is allowed for injuries etc. and will continue until the ball goes dead i.e. until it is kicked to touch (out of play)

What are the theories on the origin of the state?

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What England rugby player secured victory with his drop kick in the final of 2003 rugby world cup?

jonney wilkinson in extra time

How many people of Ethiopian origin live in the US for extra credit how many in the Wash DC area?

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How many minutes in rugby game?

80 minutes, excluding injury/extra time

What are rugby league balls made out of?

Cowhide or a synthetic substitute. Synthetic is preferable for playing in wet conditions as such a ball does not pick up extra water weight. The internal air bladder is like a rubber inner tube.

How long is a international rugby match?

An international rugby match normally lasts for 80 minutes. If it is a match where a winner must be found and the scores are tied then extra time may be played.

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