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There should not be extra cloth at the end of a pool table. The table needs repair if there appears to be extra cloth.

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Q: What is the extra bit of cloth for on the end of a pool table?
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A great piece of home decoration or equipment, which is ideal for anyone looking to entertain in a casual setting, would be a pool table.� While a pool table is a great addition to any home the table and enough space for appropriate game play can take up quite a bit of space.� Because of this it is important to take several things into consideration when purchasing a pool table.� The first factor to take into consideration when purchasing a pool table is the size of the room where it will be kept.� A classic American pool table is considered to be 9 feet long by 4 feet wide.� To ensure that you have enough space around the table to play comfortably, there should be at least a 6 foot radius surrounding the table.� Due to the size requirements of the table, a room you select should be at least 15 feet long by 10 feet wide, or 150 square feet, which is the size of typical bedroom.� If you do not have the extra space for the pool table inside you could also consider housing the table outside.� While most pool tables are intended for indoor use, many can be played outside.� When picking a pool table for outside use be sure to select one that has waterproof felt and support legs.� Also, you will need to purchase a pool table cover that is water resistant and ensure that the cue balls and pool sticks are kept in a safe and covered location.� If you do not have an extra room to place the pool table and do not have a place to put the pool table outside, you could consider utilizing the pool table for additional purposes as well.� Due to their sheer size and height pool tables can also be converted into either work or dining spaces.� Many producers of pool tables also create hard top covers which come in a variety of styles that could be used to match any home decor.��

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