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Q: What is the explanation of fr.Cristiano?
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Where do you get thoughts with explanation?

thoughts with their explanation

What is a sentence with the word explanation?

we did not have any explanation for the cause. explanation was asked by people of rome.

What was the explanation of the crusades?

The explanation is big butts

What is a medical explanation?

It is an explanation for something in medical terms. Ex: explanation for a rash could possibly be exema

What is supporting explanation?

An explanation to help prove something.

A slanting device clothed as an explanation?

Rhetorical Explanation.

What is the adjective of explanation?

explanation = noun explanatory = adjective

When an explanation has been supported by many experiment's the explanation is a?

The explanation supported by many experiments is called scientific theory.

Is the noun explanation a count noun?

The noun explanation is a count noun; there may be one explanation or several explanations.

What is An observation that contradicts your explanation?

That would depend on your observations and your explanation.

What does universal explanation mean?

a spiritual explanation that comes from the universe

How do you put explanation in a sentence?

my explanation was i skived off school