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7' 6'' (228 cm).

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Q: What is the exact height of Chinese NBA player Yao Ming?
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Chinese basketball player?

Yao Ming

Chinese Famous Basketball Player?

Yao Ming

Who is Yao Ming?

Yao Ming is a Chinese basketball player who plays for the Houston Rockets. He was a first overall draft pick and plays for the Chinese National team.

Who is player in nba was 7-6 in height?

Yao Ming

Famouse Chinese people?

1. Sun Ming Ming- famous basketball player. 2. Jackie Chan - famous actor

Who is taller lebron James or yao ming?

The chiese player Yao Ming is taller as he stands 7feet 2 inches in height.

Who is the most famous Chinese basketball player in the NBA?

Actually and in the history is Yao Ming

Famous Chinese athletes?

A famous Chinese basketball player who plays for the Houston Rockets team is Yao Ming. A famous Chinese runner is Liu Xiang.

When was Ming-Der Chinese School created?

Ming-Der Chinese School was created in 1993.

How tall is a Chinese man?

Chinese men can be short to tall in height depending on the person. Look at the famous chinese basketball players, like 7.6 ft tall Yao Ming and 6 ft tall Jeremy Lin.

What has the author Ke Ming written?

Ke Ming has written: 'The paintings of Ke Ming' -- subject(s): Chinese Painting, Painting, Chinese

Who is the worlds tallest athlete?

Sun Ming-Ming (born August 23, 1983), a Chinese basketball player, is currently the world's tallest athlete at 7" 9" tall (236 cm). Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets is currently (as of 2009) the tallest active NBA player at 7 ft 6 inches in height (229 cm). * Suleiman Ali Nashnush (1943-1991) was one of the tallest basketball players ever at 8'0½" (245 cm), and played for Libya.

Is Yao Ming Chinese of Japanese?


What is Ming-Der Chinese School's motto?

The motto of Ming-Der Chinese School is 'and to rest in the highest excellence'.

Shang and ming are exaples of what?

Shang and ming are examples of Chinese dynasties

Where and what is the forbidden city?

The Forbidden City is located in the exact middle of Beijing, China. It is Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was built from 1406 to 1420.

Who becomes the first Chinese player plays for nab basketball team?

pretty sure yao ming playing 2k10 on xbox360

What has the author Ming Lai written?

Ming Lai has written: 'A history of Chinese literature' -- subject(s): Chinese literature, History and criticism

What is ming banner?

Chinese banner

What has the author I-ming Yang written?

I-ming Yang has written: 'Wen t'an shih liao' -- subject(s): Authors, Chinese, Chinese Authors, Chinese literature, History and criticism

How tall is the basketball player sunn ming ming?

Sunn Ming Ming is 7'9'' tall

What Chinese ruler moved the Chinese capital to Beijing?

This happened during the Ming Dynasty, under the third Ming ruler. Yangle (Yongle) Emperor. (1403-24)

What Chinese ruler move the Chinese capital to Beijing?

This happened during the Ming Dynasty, under the third Ming ruler. Yangle (Yongle) Emperor. (1403-24)

Who is Ming in the song Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers?

Yes there referring to Yao Ming a retired Chinese professional basketball player who last played for the Houston Rockets. Nick met him during a world tour concert. He talks about him frequently on YouTube.

What does ming mean?

Ming can mean a great many things. Often associated with Chinese culture Ming can be a personal name or the name of a group of people.