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If your looking to become one, it's much better than regular skiing. We use flashy and tricked out jackets, pants, etc. Also trench coats for some too. Use very small poles because they don't get in your way as much. Use twin tipped skis. Usually a little wider than normal and have your bindings placed in the center (for better balance). LINE skis are always good, twin tipped atomics, and lots of other twins our good too. Buy a normal helmet usually pretty plain. Plain because when you start to enter contest and get sponsors, stickers to support a brand are always fly. You don't need to sag your pants like most. I personally don't because i don't think it looks that much more dope, and it gets in my way when performing tricks. Get some sick goggles though usually reflective cause that way... well it's just fly. Use a bandana or something close too it. I use a thing that looks like a bandana but is a better material because sometimes the bad bandana cloth freezes and chafes. You can find these kind of "bandanas" at any local ski/board shop. For gloves simply something very warm but light and able to use. So usually a glove. Boots are kind of out there. Just get a good one with good support, that's warm, and pretty flexible.

Have fun becoming a Freestyler!

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Freestyle skiing equipment is very similar to alpine equipment.

Some freestyle skiers prefer to have ski jackets and other pieces of clothing looser than normal, this restricts there movements less, as there having to bend and flip around.

Skis for freestyle skiers are also different, they have twin tip skis that allow them to ski backwards or land backwards after jumps, they are also shorter than what the normal alpine skis should be for your height.

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For beginners-Skis, helmet, goggles, and boots

More Experienced Racers-Race suit, shin guards, arm guards,and back protector

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Q: What is the equipment used in freestyle skiing?
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