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a bat, glove, and a softball. you might need bases depending on the field, and a catcher needs equipment. Hope this helps!

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Q: What is the equipment of softball?
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What were the sales figures for baseball and softball equipment?

Combined sales of baseball and softball equipment were $303.1 million in 1998.

History and difference between baseball and softball?

history and difference of baseball and softball?-their equipment,-playing area,-terminologies,-skills in softball,-rules of the game softball and baseball?

What are some popular softball equipment brands?

Softball equipment is produced by many different companies. Some of these companies are also known for producing gear for the similar sport of baseball. Some examples of softball equipment manufacturers include Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Nike, Rawlings, and Easton.

How would you go about getting free equipment from majors softball suppliers?

One needs to ask for sponsorship to be able to ask for free equipment from major softball suppliers. One can also offer an x-deal to get free equipment.

What is the difference between softball and baseball equipment?

Softballs can be softer and are larger.

Who makes softballs?

baseball and softball equipment producers. ie easton, rawlings,....

What safety equipment must be used for the catcher of softball?

Depends on what part is inured.

What is the piece of equipment used in baseball made of wood?


Where can you find info on softball?

The website I went on to find out information on the equipment was this will help you

How much is it to play softball?

The cost depends on what kind of glove, bat and other required equipment you get

How much does softball equipment cost?

The typical price for a softball glove is about $40 but prices can get as high as $500 for high quality gloves. A bat can be as cheap as $20 or as high as $300.

Who is the number one softball manufacturer?

4 biggest manufacturers of softball equipment are: Dudley Sports, Easton Sports, Louisville Slugger, and Worth Sports. David,

Where can one sell their softball stuff?

The easiest way to sell your old softball equipment is to have a yard sale. You could also take it to a second hand store where they may offer to buy it.

What are the facilities and equipment used in softball?

A helmet, bat, glove, batting gloves, and if you need one, catchers equipmentFor softball, when playing in a community league, it only requires you to have your own mitt for catching.A: All of the equipment required for softball is, well, a ball, a bat, a mitt, a batting helmet, and if you are a catcher, you need the shin guards, chest guard, and face mask. You also need cleats, a team jersey, long socks, sliding shorts, and softball pants.Not required equipment (totally optional, but recommended) are the batting gloves.A: Equipment required in softball includes a ball, a bat, gloves, uniforms and protective gear, including helmets for the offensive team and a helmet, shin guards, and chest protector for the defensive catcher.

What kind of equiment do you need for softball?

Equipment Used for Softball: 1. Metal bat (brand name of preference) 2. Helmet (depending on school or league, with/without chinstrap and cage. Ask your coach.) 3. Mitt (preference) 4. Batting Gloves (optional) 5. Softball cleats **If you are thinking of playing catcher, special equipment may or may not be supplied.

Does baseball and softball use the same equipment?

yes most of all the equipment is the same but the girls balls are bigger than the boys and their field big bigger than the girls

What proper equipment do you need to play softball?

what you need to play softballl: bat helmet cleats softball glove batting gloves sliding pad sliding shorts softball socks shorts shirts sunglasses softball bag good attitude rossen bag (pitchers) cathing gear sports bras glove conditioner

Name four different pieces of equipment used in softball?

softball bat cleats mouth guard helmet visor batting gloves sliding shorts ( so you don't get hurt ) sunflower seeds!!! =-)

How has softball improved?

alot of the rules have been changed and some rules have been added. the equipment has also improved (ex. there are alloy and aluminum bats). the popularity of softball in the US. has increased greatly, also.

Softball facilities and equipments?

Equipment required in softball includes a ball, a bat, gloves, uniforms and protective gear, including helmets for the offensive team and a helmet, shin guards, and chest protector for the defensive catcher. ;)

What sporting equipment brands does Rawlings Sporting Goods Company market?

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company manufactures baseball, softball, football, basketball, hockey, and volleyball equipment, gear, and apparel.

What do they use to play softball?

The equipment is similar to baseball gear except that the balls and gloves are larger. The bat is also weighter differently.

Why softball is better than softball?

They are the same thing!! "Why softball is better than softball?"

What is softball in Tagalog?

softball in Tagalog: softball (no Tagalog translation)

Does the softball catcher wear protective equipment?

Of 'course they do. Just like a baseball catcher they have to be protected from the runners,ball,and the bat. If they don't wear equipment then they will get really hurt. It is a rule for them to wear them. It's safe.