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For pitching, the spin can cause the ball to either rise, drop, curve, or do a combination of those things.

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2009-11-15 05:00:20
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Q: What is the effects of spin on a softball?
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How do you throw a curve ball in softball?

spin the ball across your body

Why do they have different sized seams on a softball?

I am not sure why it has different sized seams but I know why it has seams. The seams help it spin . When you spin it it goes faster. try researching

Why do different grips change the motion of the softball?

If you grip a softball differently, sometimes it will change the motion. F First of all, it changes the spin. The spin can effect possibly where it goes, and the speed. So if you are looking to make the ball go slightly faster, throw a little harder, and maybe change your grip

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What has the author Kimberlee Rae Seevers written?

Kimberlee Rae Seevers has written: 'The effects of different types of softball covers on velocity and rotation of pitches' -- subject(s): Balls (Sporting goods), Human mechanics, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Softball, Pitching (Baseball), Softball

What effects the tennis balls height?

When struck by a tennis racket the factor which effects the ball is how much spin is applied to the ball (more specific top spin) and the surface which you play on. For example: hard courts will bounce alot higher then grass courts.

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