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Have every player submit 10-20 of their most recent rounds (preferably on the course where the Golf league will be held).

Then, find the average between the scores given. That average number, minus 72 (or whatever par is on the course) is the persons handicap.

make sense?

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If you play golf at least once a week I find the best way to lower your handicap is get statistical about your errors. Log how many bunkers shots you fail on, how many fairways you miss, how many putts you missed etc.

Most people drive down the practice range and bang balls out with the driver until they get blisters on their hands! The fact is that when you look at the game you only require that shot for maybe 13-14 times per round... where as with putting you can double the amount of shots you may make 30-36 (2 putting at most). This acounts for a massive part of the game! Get you puts rolling to within a bin lid of the hole and tap in for 2 putts at most in theory, on a par 72 course that is 50% of the shots taken care of.

The rest of the game is about hitting greens in regulation, my theory is always leave myself a full shot to the green, its a great feeling to smash a 300 yard drive but if it then leaves you 58 yards to the flag with bunkers between its a high risk shot where as if you play a modest tee shot leaving you a full wedge or 9 iron in you should increase your accuracy to hit greens in regulation.

The above should get you playing at about 10-18 handicap, to get lower then I'm afraid it is all about finding the aspects of the game you do not enjoy due to failure and practicing them until they become no longer a danger to your score card!

FYI In 5 years I have gone from 28 hcp to 11 hcp and have just been focusing recently on bunker shots because I have never focused on them before, they cost me last week 7 strokes!! If I can erase those errors I should be single figure within a few months.

Hope this helps!


1)Warm up by first chipping & pitching the ball.

2)Practice the important stuff.

3)Develop a solid pre-shot routine.

4)Play away from the big number.

5)Work on the most important shot in golf.

6)Play with better players.

7)Commit to the shot and then just do it.

8)One shot at a time.

9)Develop a safety shot.

10)Buy equipment that's suited to your game.

11)Have a game plan and stick to it.

12)Play the critical holes backward - especially par 5′s.

13)Develop one or two simple swing thoughts.

14)Visualize the shot.

15)Take a lesson lessons.

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Q: What is the easiest way to get a low handicap in golf?
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