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Magnolia Lane.

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Q: What is the driveway calles at Augusta National Golf course?
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Related questions

What is a Augusta National course?

Augusta National Golf Course, is a golf course in Augusta, Georgia. It is world famous, because that is where The Masters is played.

Does Augusta National ever change its golf course?

Augusta National IS a golf course

Can women play at the Augusta national golf course?

Although there are currently no women members of Augusta National, women can play at the Augusta National Golf Course as a guest of a member.

Where is Augusta National Golf Course?

Augusta National Golf Club, sometimes referred to as Augusta or the National, is a golf club in Augusta, Georgia, United States.

Is Augusta National Golf Course only played for the masters?

Yes, Augusta National is the only course The Masters has ever been played on.

What is par at Augusta?

The Augusta National course is a par 72.

What is the name of the major golf course in Augusta Georgia?

Augusta National

What is the name of the course adjacent to Augusta National?

Augusta Country Club. 655 Milledge Road. Augusta, GA

Can you buy a house at Augusta national golf club?

There are no homes on the Augusta National Golf Course. It is not like a neighborhood with homes along it.

Name a golf course in US?

Augusta National.

Can you walk around Augusta national golf course?


Where was the masters tournament in 1986?

Augusta National, Augusta, Georgia. It is held at the same course every year.

Oldest golf course in the southeastern us?

Augusta National in Augusta, GA. Better known as the Master's.

What is the city and state is the location of the Masters Tournament?

Augusta, Gerorgia, USA. Played at Augusta National Golf Course

What is the best golf course in the world?

Augusta National U.S.A

What golf course holes are named after flowers?

Augusta National

When is Augusta National Golf Course open for play?


Why is there no spin control on Augusta course in tiger woods 2012?

I have heard it was part of the licensing deal with Augusta National. To make the course more difficult to play.

What is the nicest golf course in the US?

I think the nicest golf course in the US is Augusta National.

Which of the four major golf tournaments is played at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta GA every year?

The Masters

What is the best golf course in the Atlanta area?

Have you tried Augusta National?

At which golf course does the us masters take place?

Augusta National

Does darius rucker own Augusta national golf course?

no he does not are you kidding me

How many miles around the Augusta national golf course?


When does the Augusta National course reopen each year?

after labor day