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Patriots lead the series spanning 2000-2012 - 16 Patriot wins, 9 Miami wins.

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Q: What is the dolphins record against the patriots from2000-2012?
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What is the overall record between the Patriots and the Dolphins?

The Dolphins lead the overall series 50-45 (1-2 in the playoffs).

Who have the patriots lost more games to over all?

The Patriots have lost more games against the New York Jets than any other team in the NFL. Overall they are 48-50-1 versus their New York rivals. Second on that list is the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots have an overall regular season record of 37-49 versus the Dolphins.

What is the patriots win loss record versus the broncos?

Patriots are 16 - 24 against the broncos

What is the Chiefs record overall against the Patriots?

16-13-3 for the Chiefs against the Patriots - they have never played in a playoff game.

What is Philip rivers record against the Patriots?


What is Dan Marino's record against the New England Patriots?

Tom Brady is 10-6 lifetime against the Miami Dolphins. He has thrown for 3,131 yards, 28 touchdowns and 16 interceptions against the Dolphins. Overall, versus Miami, he has an 85.5 quarterback rating.

What is denver overall record at home vs patriots?

The Broncos are 18-9 in home games against the Patriots.

What is the Miami Dolphins record against the Chicago Bears?


What is denvers record against the patriots?

The New England Patriots trail in the series versus the Denver Broncos 20-27.

What is the patriots record against the colts?

The Pats are 47-29 versus the Colts.

Why PAtRIOTs is not in the playoff?

The 2008 New England Patriots (11-5) are not in the Playoffs because they lost tie breakers to both the Miami Dolphins (11-5) and the Baltimore Ravens (11-5). Both the Ravens and Dolphins had a better tie conference record that the Patriots. Both teams had an 8-4 conference record compared to the Patriot's 7-5 conference record. See the related links below for the NFL tie breaking procedures.

What was new englands record against the spredin2011?

The 2011 New England Patriots were 9-7 against the spread.