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Q: What is the dodic for the Hatton shotgun round?
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What is the dodic for the Hatton shotgun breaching round?

From PS Magazine, April, 2008: Shotgun breaching cartridge available A 12-gauge shotgun cartridge is now available that is designed specifically to breach padlock hasps and deadbolts, knobs and hinges on wooden doors. The M1030 cartridge, NSN 1030-01475-7440, can be used with both the Mossberg 500/590 and Remington 870 shotguns. Its DODIC is AA54. It has a brown tip and the cartridge is stamped "12GA, BREACHING, M1030". The cartridge minimizes the ricochet hazards of breaching operations, but soldiers should still wear ESS land ops goggles when firing M1030s. NSN 4240-01-540-5576 brings green goggles and NSN 4240-01-540-5580 brings the desert tan version. COPYRIGHT 2008 PS Magazine

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DODIC is the Department of Defense Identification Code assigned to ammunition supply items. It identifies the caliber, type of bullet, packaging, shipping case, and other information. A different DODIC is assigned to each possible combination of these variables.

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