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The Tee Shot is the first shot off the tee. The distance that the player wants it to go is going to depend on the specific hole they are playing. On a par 4 or par 5, they want their drive to go as far as possible toward the green. They may want it to be short of specific hazards, so may not hit as hard as they can. On a par 3, they are going to attempt to hit the ball onto the green directly.

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Q: What is the distance that you have to hit a golf ball in the beginning of the game?
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Which golf ball gives you the longest distance?

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Longest distance a golf ball has been hit?

The longest distance a golf ball has been hit is about 418.78m or 458yards by America in Guinees book of Records.

What goes farther tennis ball baseball golf ball or ping pong ball?

a golf ball, which can be hit over a distance of more than 300 meters.

Does the rebound height of a golf ball affect the distance?


What is the major factor in distance for golf?

Hit the ball as hard as you can!

What golf ball is the shortest in distance?

pink fllying lady

What is the object of the game golf?

The object of golf is to get a golf ball in a hole in as few of strokes as possible.

What is the general distance a gap wedge golf clubs should hit a golf ball?

the distance should be about the same as a sand wedge

How does a low compression golf ball help your golf game?

Soft on greens

What is the best golf ball for all types of weather?

A golf ball can be used in any weather. When it is cold you should use a distance ball, just to give you a bit more distance, but you sacrifice some control.

Does the bouciness of a golf ball effect the distane?

The way a golf ball bounces definitely affects the distance that it will travel. There are different weights and types of golf balls for this reason.

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About 180-190 Yards

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