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Giant Wang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What is the distance of the outfield warning track to the wall?
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How do you determine home run distance?

By measuring the plate to the outfield wall

What is the grassless area on a baseball diamond's perimeter that lets a fielder know the wall is near?

Warning track

How is swimming won?

swimming is "won" by achieving the fastest time. the sport parallels that of track and field. swimmers race to the "finish line" or the wall after a set distance.

What is track 1 on the album The Wall by Pink Floyd?

The first track on the album The Wall by Pink Floyd is In The Flash. The Wall was released in 1979 and it is the eleventh studio album released by Pink Floyd.

What is ruling if baseball hits outfield wall and is caught is it a double?


How does one calculate the space to mounting height ratio for lighting?

Half the distance from the wall to the centre of the luminaire, as the distance there is between luminaires. e.g if the distance between luminaires horizontally is 3m then the distance to the centre of the luminaire from the wall is 1.5m. If the distance between the luminaires vertically is 5m then the distance to the centre of the luminaire from the wall is 2.5m

How do you measure a racetrack?

When I was racing the small roundi-rounder tracks they usually measured the "inside", The smallest part of the track. Need to know how to measure a race track? Obviously if you run up around the outside wall you are traveling significantly farther than if you are down at the bottom of the turn. So how does NASCAR measure? They measure track length from the point 15-feet in from the outside wall. This means that at many tracks the drivers are traveling a shorter distance than advertised (but not by much).

What is the driving distance between Wall and Minneapolis?

idk what wall but from wall NJ its 1238 miles. good luck

If a baseball hits the top of the outfield wall and goes over is it considered a home run?


What is the only baseball venue to contain a thick growth of ivy on the outfield wall?

Wrigley Field

How deep was Willie Mays when he made the Catch in the Polo Grounds?

Best estimate is 420 feet. Although a sign behind Mays says "483," it is unclear what that is referring to. The stadium design has the wall, in front of which Mays made the catch, to be 425 from home plate. Mays made the catch right at the warning track, which is five feet from the wall itself.

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