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Q: What is the distance from goal post to d in hockey?
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What does the back do in Hockey?

The back in hockey defends. They stop the hockey ball from going inside the goal. Just like the goal keeper. But if the backs stop the ball from going to near the D, they are good backs.

What is a longcorner on hockey?

A long corner isn't really a corner at all. It is taken from the top of the goal D .

Ice skating in French?

Le patinage, which you practise in une patinoirewith un patin on each foot.

What is the d shaped area in front of the goal in field hockey called?

The blue paint in front of the net is called the crease. Let's say if one of your team-mates takes a shot from the point (blue line) and your in the crease, then the goal is not allowed.

Which action indicates a hockey player is playing defense?

the player stays back to protect the teams goal.

When the attacker hits the ball from outside circle and the ball is touched by the defender and it went through the goal post is it goal are not?

If the defender is inside the "D", then yes, it is a goal. This is a new ruling for this season that may subsequently be reversed after review. Who knows what that decision will be?

How do you spell hockey in Spanish?

El hockey [Same As English =D]

What is the specification of rugby posts?

From the International Rugby Board's website... 1.4 DIMENSIONS FOR GOAL POSTS AND CROSSBAR(a) The distance between the two goal posts is 5.6 metres.(b) The crossbar is placed between the two goal posts so that its top edge is 3.0 metres from the ground.(c) The minimum height of the goal posts is 3.4 metres.(d) When padding is attached to the goal posts the distance from the goal line to the external edge of the padding must not exceed 300mm.

In which sports do we have corners?

a short corner is taken on the back line in the D and has too be hit out of the D before it can be shot at goal, a long corner is taken from the sideline and has to move 5 metres before its hit into the D

When was D. J. Smith - ice hockey - born?

D. J. Smith - ice hockey - was born on 1977-05-13.

When was James D. Post born?

James D. Post was born on 1863-11-25.

When did James D. Post die?

James D. Post died on 1921-04-01.