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eleve inches

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2012-08-20 05:09:27
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Q: What is the distance between the two dots on a standard 8 foot pool table?
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How meny dots on a dice?

There are 21 dots on a standard dice

Why does your 1991 Gibson SG Standard have dots on the fretboard and not trapezoid inlays?

If it has dots, then it may not be a "Standard" model.

How do you compare the distance between successive dots?

Either estimate the distance, or measure it. A compass is used by navigators to measure the distances between successive points, and to compare distances against the scale printed on the chart.

The distance between spots or dots on a crt screen that the electronic beam hits?

Dot pitch

What is the cone spacing on nc motorcycle skills test?

For the NC test I used google earth and my closest DVM that has the motorcycle course dots painted on the ground. You can easily see these dots in google earth and you can use the ruler tool in google earth to measure the distance between the dots. The distance between the center dots is 14 feet and the dots that are to the left and right are 4 feet from the center line of dots. Diagrams of the actual skills tested are at the end of the of the NC Motorcyclist Handbook.

How many dots are on a pool table?


How will compare the distance between successive dots?

Google ka ba talaga?! bat ang bobo mo?

How many dots are there in a die?

There are 21 dots on a standard six sided die. Over half of the dots are on only 2 sides.

In an periodic table dots around an elements symbol indicate the number of valence electrons in an atom?

yes, the number of dots represent the number of valence electrons in the periodic table.

Where do the dots on a pool table go?

There is only one dot on a pool table. This dot goes ay yhe intersection of two imaginary lines - the center of the table, lengthwise, and, the imaginary line between the second diamonds on the side rails at the racking end of the table.

How does a isometric drawing paper looks like?

Isometric drawing paper either has dots on it with very minimal distance in between them, or has very small triangles or diamond shape with no distance in between them. It is available in different sizes and varieties.

How can you use the Pythagorean theorem to find the distance of two dots on dot paper?

You spread the dots apart?? Derrrp :D

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