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about 12 meters

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Q: What is the distance between the stumps in rounders?
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When are you out in rounders?

You are out in rounders when either you get stumped or someone catches you out when you hit the ball.

Distance between popping crease and stumps?

It is 4 feet 4 inches.

What is the width of a cricket wicket?

If by wickets, you mean the stumps, then the stumps (including the bails on top) are 28.5 inches. However if you mean the wicket, being the pitch, then it is 20 metres between the stumps. 1.2m in front of the stumps is the batsman's crease. The distance between the two batsman's creases will be 17.6m.

How long is a cricket picth?

The distance between batting & bowling stumps are 22yards

What is the distance between two stumps in one side of the pooping crease?

22 yards.

What is the distance between stumps and wide ball mark?

A Short Hand (SH) size bat

What is the distance between the bowling and batting crease?

From bowler to the strikers end is 20 yards 2 feet. The distance between the stumps is 22 yards. The bowling crease in aligned with the stumps. The batting crease for the off strike batsman is 4 feet in front of the bowling crease.

How much distance should be between middle stump and wide crease in cricket?

Popping crease and stumps is 1.22M or 4 feet

What equipment do you need for rounders?

you need a -ball -bat -posts

Height of stumps in cricket?

Two sets of wickets shall be pitched opposite and parallel to each other at a distance of 22 yards/20.12 m between the centres of the two middle stumps. Each set shall be 9 in/22.86 cm wide

What is the distance between two stumps of cricket?

3 stumps make up a wicket, each stump is 1 and 1/2 inches, and the total width of a wicket is 9 inches so the distance between stumps is 1 and 1/2 inches. The distance between wickets (the pitch) is 22 yards and 10 feet.

What happens when you break the rules in a game of rounders?

Certain penalties will be incurred depending on which rules are broken.