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There is no such thing as a regulation soccer field.

FIFA states that the field length should be between 100 and 130 yards. For international matches it should be between 110 and 120 yards.

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Q: What is the distance between the soccer goals on a regulation soccer field?
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Softball regulation field size?

what is the name of the field what is the distance between bases

How big is a socer field?

The standard measurements of a regulation soccer field are around 120 yards by 80 yards. A soccer field is wider than a football field.

Measurement of regulation soccer field?

I believe its about 90m by 120m

What is the Distance from the corner to the soccer net on a soccer field?

The distance is 15 yrds. The distance is 15 yrds.

How big are soccer fields?

The size of soccer fields vary. If you are playing in a U12 group or under your soccer field will not be regulation size. If you are playing U13 or higher you play on a regulation size soccer field. The kind pros play on.The field can be as long as 130 yards or as short as 100 yards. The field can be as wide as 100 yards. The minimum width for a field is 50 yards.

What is the min height of an indoor soccer field?

A regulation full size indoor soccer field is measured 180 by 80 feet. The recommended indoor height is at least 6.1 meters.

Is there a regulation size for Major League Baseball fields?

Yes there is a regulation size for Major League Baseball fields, in the case of the infield, it needs to be a 90 foot square. The outfield does not have any regulation size between the 2 foul poles, their regulation size is only in the case of its distance to home plate so the distance between home plate and the Outfield fence must be at least 250 feet however along the foul lines the distance between the plate and the outfield fencce must be at least 320 feet and the distance must be at least 400 feet between the plate and the fence in Center Field.

What is allover distance of soccer field?

110 yards

What is the distance around a soccer field?

300 m

What is the distance between home plate and center field fence?

It is not a regulation; it varies from park to park but is usually between 290 feet (88 m) and 435 feet (133 m).

What is the size of a indoor soccer field in meters?

The standard regulation indoor soccer field size is 56 yards long and 35 yards wide. This is equal to 51.2 meters long and 32 meters wide.

How many people are allowed on the field in a regulation soccer game?

23. 11 for each team and one referee.

What is the total width in yards of the penalty area of a regulation field for soccer 09?

44 yards is the total width.

How wide is an official Soccer field?

The width of an official soccer field must be between 70 and 80 yards.

What is the distance across a small soccer field?

Not very big but I am not positive

How far from the goal line is the penalty spot on a regulation field soccer?

The penalty mark is 12 yards from the goal line.

What is the average distance a soccer goal a made?

You mean between the goalposts? The standard distance is 22 ft. The goal is 8 ft high, and 10 ft deep. There are 6 yards between the goal and the small box, 18 yards between the goal line and the goal box, 60 yards between the goal line and the half, and 120 yards between both goal lines (length of the field). A soccer field is also 80 yards wide.

How many players are on the field for a team in a regulation baseball game and in a soccer game and what is the differences?

Baseball has 9 players on the field in a regulation game. Pitcher, Catcher, 1st Basemen, 2nd Baseman, 3rd Baseman, Short Stop, Left Field, Center Field, Right Field. Soccer has 11 players on the field in a regulation game. There are many variations but this one is typical. Three forwards (right wing, left wing, center), Three midfielders (left, right, center), Four defenders (left, right, left middle, right middle), and One Keeper.

What is the size of a regulation softball field?

It is 60 feet from home to first on a softball field. It is the same distance between all the bases. The pitcher's mound is 40 to 43 feet way depending on the level of competition. The depth of the outfield varies from field to field.

Length in yards of a football field?

A regulation US football field is 120 yards; that's 100 yards of playing field and 10 yeards for each end zone.Regulation FIFA soccer fields are 100-110 meters (110-120 yards) long.

What field is bigger rugby field or a soccer field?

soccer field

How do they measure the distance covered in the field by soccer players?

If you run one length of a soccer field you ran how much in meter?

The length of an official soccer field is between 90 and 120 meters. How much you ran would depend on the size of the field.

How does friction effect the sport of soccer?

The more friction a soccer field has the less distance the ball rolls also it takes more strength to kick it farther than a field with less friction. The amount of friction on the field will depended on the size of the grass.

What happens in soccer after a goal is scored?

When a goal is scored in a standard regulation game of soccer, the ball is returned to the middle of the field for a kickoff by the team scored on the same way the first kickoff is when the game first begins.