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64 feet

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Q: What is the distance between the goal line and the blue line of a nhl hockey rink?
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What is the distance from blueline to goal in hockey?

16 foot

What is the zone between the blue line and goal line in hockey?

on your side of the ice it is your zone and on your oponents side it is there zone

How far away is the blue line from the goal line in hockey?

60 feet

What do you call a goal in hockey?

A goal is just a goal in hockey.

In ice hockey why is the area along the boards in the defensive end called the half boards?

They are called the half boards because it's an area half-way between the blue line and the goal line. -- In a hockey rink, the half boards are the area along the side boards **half-way** between the blue line and the goal line, roughly from the hash marks to the top of the faceoff circle.

Is it a goal in hockey when the puck touches the goal line between the pipes of the goal?

No. The puck has to fully cross the goal line, and must have entered the goal legally.

What is the distance between the goal posts goal line in football?


What is the distance between the goal posts in football?

In college football and the NFL, the distance between the goal posts is 120 yards. The distance between the uprights is 19 feet and 1 inch. Yes?

What is a score called in hockey?

its called a goal

What is an attacking zone?

An attacking zone is the area on an ice hockey pitch between the blue line of the other team's side of the rink and the end board behind the other team's goal.

How many points do you get in hockey if you score a goal?

One point is scored on a goal in hockey.

Where are the lines painted on a hockey rink?

Starting at the goal line, which is the line on the goalies net and crease. Then there is the Blue line, which is above the top of the circles. Then there is the Red line in the middle of the rink, this is where the puck is dropped at the beginning of each period and the start of every game, and when a team scores. then there is the blue line again and then the goal line again. the hockey rink is symmetrical.