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From bowler to the strikers end is 20 yards 2 feet. The distance between the stumps is 22 yards. The Bowling crease in aligned with the stumps. The batting crease for the off strike batsman is 4 feet in front of the bowling crease.

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Q: What is the distance between the bowling and batting crease?
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What is the distance between the bowling crease and the popping crease?

1 metre

What is the distance between return crease and the first stump.?

13 paces

How much distance should be between middle stump and wide crease in cricket?

Popping crease and stumps is 1.22M or 4 feet

What is the distance between two stumps in one side of the pooping crease?

22 yards.

What is distance from the goal to the crease?

The crease should have about a 9 foot radius

What is a Front on bowling action?

Front on bowling action is where the back leg is behind the popping crease and front leg is facing the batsman.

The distance between your wrist and your elbow is equal to the length of what part of your body?

It is approximately equal the length of your foot, if measured from the crease of your elbow to the crease of the wrist with your arm straight down

What is the length of the popping crease?

AnswerThough not always marked as such, the popping crease (a line extending four feet in front of and parallel to the bowling crease where the wicket is positioned) extends in both directions to the edges of the field.

Do moleskines trousers keep a crease?

A crease between your butt

Distance between popping crease and stumps?

It is 4 feet 4 inches.

What does a bowler do in cricket?

u r not allowed to bend u r arm or bowl it higher than the batsman's waist on the full and u r not allowed to step over the bowling crease

Are there any cheats in world cricket championship?

when bowling, drop the ball a few inches (estimate) before the crease to get an easy out!