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The goal posts in AFL are 6.4 meters apart

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Q: What is the distance between the AFL goal posts?
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What is the distance between the goalposts in AFL?

Goal posts are set at a distance of 6.4 metres apart. Each goal post has a behind post a further 6.4 metres away.

What is the distance between the goal posts in afl?

The distance between the goal posts is officially 7 yards; so that is 21 feet. In metric that is 6.4 metres. The width of the goal posts themselves is not official, so this might vary; but the rule states that at lest the bottom 2 metres of each post must be padded as protection. In some grounds, the base of the posts can be even 8 or 9 inches thick due to the padding.

In AFL were the goal posts ever square at the bottom?

No they wern't.

How wide are the afl goal posts?

They stand 7 yards apart.

What is the points of AFL goal posts?

in between the 2 goal post (taller ones in the middle) =6 points hits goal post =1 point above goal post =1 point in between behind post (shorter post and ones on the outside) and goal post=1 point

Afl football how many point equal one goal?

A goal (kicking the ball between the two tall posts) is worth 6 points. A beind (kicking the ball between one tall post and a short post) is worth 1 point.

How do you keep score in AFL?

if you kick the ball between the middle two posts you get 6 points but if you kick the ball between the outer two posts you get 1 point

In AFL how do you score a goal?

Kick the ball in between the two white sticks.

She is the only goal umpire in the afl?

Chelsea Roffey is currently the only female AFL goal umpire.

How many points is a goal in AFL?


Longest goal in AFL?

The longest goal in AFL was scored in 1981 by one Jeff Fehring who kicked a goal from the center ball up circle. The kick was measured at 86 meters.

Who is the highest goal scorer in AFL?

Tony Lockett

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