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Q: What is the distance around the arsenal football ground?
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Arsenal's new ground is emirates which ground did thay play their home games in before this?

Highbury, North London, which was the home ground of Arsenal Football Club between 6 September 1913 and 7 May 2006

What is correct football ground or the football ground?

hill end football club around the ground

What was the name of arsenals old football ground?

Highbury = Nickname due to location. Arsenal stadium was the correct name.

Which football ground is closest to bow bells?

Wrong.. Millwall 2.6 Miles Arsenal 2.9 Miles West Ham 3.6 Miles

You have old boxing programs from the early 1960 how much are they worth?

Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay 1966, Arsenal Football Ground

Where did football team England play against Egypt?

The match between England and Egypt which was a freindly game, was played at the Arsenal ground The Emirate Stadium.

What is the distance between east midlands airport and Birmingham football ground?

23.3 Miles - 39 Minutes

What is the capacity of home park football ground Plymouth?

around 16000

Where is the arsenal training ground?

Ma back garden

What is the distance around the circumference?

the distance around the circle is called the circumference. If you put a circle on the ground and walked around the outside this would be the length ofthe circumference.

Where was arsenal first based?

Arsenal was first For the majority of their time in south-east London, Arsenal played at the Manor Ground in Plumstead, a three-year period at the nearby Invicta Ground between 1890 and 1893 excepted. The Manor Ground was initially just a field, until the club installed stands and terracing in time for their first Football League match in September 1893. They played their home games there for the next twenty years (with two exceptions in 1894-95), until the move to north London in 1913.

What is a footy ground?

A football ground is an oval shaped ground on which Australian football is played.