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I am 15 years old and pretty athletic. I hit my Pitching Wedge around 100 yards with a full swing.

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Q: What is the distance an A wedge golf club should hit a golf ball?
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Related questions

Is a wedge the longest golf club?

As in length of club, no. As in distance it is used to hit the ball, no.

What club would you use to hit the ball over a small water hazard at a distance of about 70 yards?

sand wedge

What is the loft for an H wedge golf club and used for what and What is the loft for an G wedge golf club and used for what?

An H wedge has a loft of 64 degrees on average and is used to produce an even higher arc than a lob wedge to have little or no roll when the ball hits the target area. A G wedge ,or gap wedge, has a loft of between 45 and 56 degrees. It's use is to fill the distance gap between the Sand and Pitching wedges.

What golf club should you use if your ball is on the edge of a sand trap?

You would normally use a sand wedge or lob wedge. However, if you cannot get onto the green you should consider playing out sideways or backwards. If you decide not to play it you make take an unplayable lie, two club lengths from where the ball lies, keeping that point between you and the flag, no nearer the hole.

What sport uses wedge?

Golf uses a wedge. A wedge is a type of golf club and golfers mainly use it for hitting the golf ball out of the bunker. (sand pit).

Which wedge puts the most backspin on the ball?

Believe it or not, the club which spins most in the bag is a 9 iron. However, you have asked which wedge. It all depends on which grooves are on the club and if the face is milled.

What each golf club is used for?

In a normal set there are about 14 clubs. Each club is used for a different distance, or a different set up. For example: 1 wood (also known as a driver) is used to hit of the tee for a long distance. 5 iron- is used to hit the ball from the fairway (The smaller the number of the iron the longer distance it goes) Pitching Wedge- is used to chip the ball a short distance, and gettting it up in the air. Putter- is used on the green to put the ball in the hole

Which golf club produces the most lift?

You mean which club hits the ball the highest? A lob wedge would hit the ball the highest, the face angle on a lob wedge when square can be up to 64 degrees, and can easily be opened to effectively 90 degrees.

General distance a 4 hybrid golf club should hit a golf ball?

180 - 200 yards, depends on club specs and how good the player is.

What is most important in golf ball distance the velocity of the club or the mass of the club?

mass of the club

What golf club should you use in a sand trap?

A sand wedge.

Do the dimples on a golf ball affect distance?

Not really. Dimples are designed to give the ball stability during flight. The club and the core of the ball determine distance.

What golf club do we use in the rough?

Depending on how the ball is sitting you can use any club. The problem with rough is that it has a tendancy to grap the face of the club in the downswing and closing so you get no elevation when you hit the ball, and sometimes the ball barely gets out of the rough. In very thick rough you are best taking a wedge and just advance the ball down the fairway as far as you can.

What is the general distance a 6 iron golf club should hit a golf ball?

tiger woods 225 yards average 160

What is a dual wedge?

Dual wedge is used for precision shots. It can be differentiate according to size. A dual wedge is one club shorter than a pitching wedge and one club longer than a sand wedge.

What are the most important golf clubbs you should have when playing golf?

You definitely need to have a driver. It is the club used mostly for driving the ball down the fairway at the beginning of most shots, it usually provides the most distance. You also want a putter. The putter is needed on the green and no other club is allowed. You might want to invest in a sand wedge or a pitching wedge as well. They give you good lift and can get you out of sticky situations. Invest in a 5 Iron or a 7 Iron as well. They give you different distances, but both are equally important for fairway action.

In golf What is a wedge?

A wedge is a high lofted club, usually with 46 to as much as 64 degrees of loft. It is a lot shorter than the rest of the irons, and usually has more bounce to avoid the club digging and some have milled faces and wider grooves to help spin the ball.

What is p wedge golf club?

pitching wedge

When using an iron golf club where should the ball be?

The ball should be in the middle of your stance.

What stance should you have on an upward fairway lie pertaining to golf?

Play the ball forward in your stance and have your shoulders parallel to the slope. Take an extra club as the ball will go a lot higher and be short of distance.

What is a 52deg club in golf?

That would be a gap wedge. Between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

Calculate the distance traveled when the golfer swings his club the golf club is 95cm long?

You did not give the speed of the club head. You did not give the weight of the club head. You did not tell if the golfer was hitting an English Ball or an American Ball. You did not give the compression of the ball. You did not give the type of the material in the club head. You did not tell the type of shaft.

What is the general distances golf clubs should hit a golf ball?

Distance depends on numerous factors but rest assured there are no "general distances", even on tour every player hits each club a different distance Tiger can hit his sand wedge 127 and AK 112 (Source :Tee it up with Tiger and AK). Therefore hit the range and dial it in. A simpler but not fool proof method is the following: You will pretty much have a 10-15 yrd distance gap between clubs,so take your pitching wedge and add 10-15 yrd and that is your 9 iron another 10-15 yrds and that's your 8iron and so on.

What club is 52 degrees loft?

A gap wedge, an approach wedge or a utility wedge, the names vary by manufacturer.

What degree is a Nike slingshot 4d approach wedge?

nike sling shot oss A wedge is 44 degree approach wedge. nike sling shot a wedge is 50-56 degree wedge also called a approach wedge but is really a gap wedge... the oss is the only club that has a 44 degree loft. nike is the only company to make this club