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23 feet, 4 inches.

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Q: What is the distance across the horizontal bar on the goal post for high school football?
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What is the height of the horizontal bar of a high school football goal post?

The crossbar is 10 feet above the ground.

What is the average throwing distance for a girl throwing a football?

I'm QB of my high school's flag football team and I can throw 30-40 yards

What is the average punting distance in high school football?

30 yards minimum-50/60 yards maximum

What was the distance of the longest field goal in a high school football game?

71 yards from kicker at bingham high in utah

Is a high school football bigger than a collage football?

No...a high school football is smaller than a college football

Should a middle school have a football team?

Well middle school football helps people get better for high school football

High school football size vs. NFL football size?

college football size vs. high school football size

What is the safest helmet made for high school football?

well im a high school player and my mom and i had the same question so we did some research and we came across this study by Virginia tech.

What football does Indiana use for middle school games?

We use a Youth Sized football for middle school football in Indiana.

Be better at football?

You must learn at a football school.

What is the setting in the book Football Hero?

in lucy's in his house in all the places they clean in his school in the football stadium and in the school football stadium

Was Jamie Foxx in high school playing football or college?

he play football when he was in high school

Does high school football play quarters or periods?

In high school football they are classified as quarters.

What are the football positions for a middle school football?

All of the same as in pro football

What is the distance horizontally from one goal post to the other goal post in football?

football as in soccer? if so, 24 feet. for American football, 18 feet 6 inches for college and pros, 23 feet 6 inches for high school

Are black visors legal in high school football?

No. No tinting is allowed in high school football or college football i beleive. Only 100% clear is allowed in high school.

Can you wear football girdles for middle school football?


Is a football visor allowed in high school football?

it should be

Is a high school football the same size as an NFL football?


What is the oldest boarding school football rivalry?

The oldest prep school football rivalry is between the Peddie School and Blair Academy.

Can you wear Mirrored visors in middle school football?

No. Mirrored visors are not allowed in middle school nor high school football.

Which is the best school football team in new delhi?

the best football school team in delhi is the team of st. columbas school..

Can high school football play with no school?

How many high school football teams are there in the US?

How many high school football teams are there in 38126?

Are head slaps allowed in high school football?

Slaps to the head are not allowed in high school football.