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Q: What is the discus qualifying distance?
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James threw the discus 6 time for a total distance of 431.94m about how far did he throw each discus?

72 meters

What equipment is used in discus event?

A discus, which is a metal-edged heavy wood disk. A level grass field with an area marked for the discobolus (disk-thrower) and a tape measure to check the landing distance.

What is the plural of discus?

The plural of discus is discuses.

Where is the measurement taken to and from when measuring the distance a discus has been thrown?

from the front of the circle to the first spot the disc touches the ground

What has the author Bernd Degen written?

Bernd Degen has written: 'Pr\\' 'Discus in the Community Tank' 'Degen discus book' -- subject(s): Discus (Fish) 'Wild-Caught Discus' 'The Proper Care of Discus' 'The Discus--\\' -- subject(s): Discus (Fish), Pictorial works

What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a flat circle?

discus throw

Why does a discuss thrown with a moderate speed into headwind achieve greater distance?

with a head wind there is a slim air pocket around the 40-45 degree angle at which you should throw. So with the discus spinning and the air pocket the disc will seem to bounce but it is because the discus will attempt to descend while the air pocket pushes it back up. once the discus decreases in revolutions per second that is when the discus will fall

What is the average size for a junior high discus?

8th grader Lane Lunt, from Pima Arizona threw a distance of 156ft. 3in.

What is discus case?

A case for holding a discus.

What is the weight of the discus in the Olympics discus?


Qualifying versus Non-qualifying RRIFs?

Qualifying versus Non-qualifying RRIFs

What does discus game consist of in Sparta?

throwing a discus?