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the dissadvantage of playing sport is that you could hurt yourself or make an injury that is not worth playing again

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Q: What is the disadvantage of playing sport?
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What is an disadvantage of playing an individual sport?

no motivation and no team workiong...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a sport in college?

One advantage to playing sports in college is the fact that you will be healthier for it. A disadvantage of playing sports is the fact that your grades may suffer if you don't do it properly.

What are the disadvantages of using drugs during sports?

One disadvantage of using drugs during a sport is that you won't be able to breath right while you are playing. another disadvantage is that you will get tired quickly while you are playing. it will affect the aerobic respiration and can cause serious damge to the brain. espaecially if used to often and worked

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing individual sports?

Well there are lots of advantages and disadvantages of playing individual sports. An advantage is that if your playing a sport like basketball and you have a bad team it would be different if you were only playing. another advantage is that you can be able to only depend on you no one else. Know some disadvantage's. one disadvantage is that if you know someone and you become really good friends with that person you wont be able to have a good friendship on the team if you decide to play a sport like golf or something like that. There are lots more but i have a book report to do know but here is the bottom line... if you like having friends and playing around them playing a sport with people is the best for you. If you don't like to hang out as much and you really like to win and its all about you... than you should play by your self...

If your perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

If your perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

Is playing with a yoyo a sport?

yes it is a sport

What is the present tense of played?

"playing"; "I played sport yesterday" - "I am playing sport"

How is maths applied to sport when playing any sport?

# # # # # #

Is viola a sport?

No playing an instrument is not considered a sport.

If you are playing pepper what sport are you playing?


What are disadvantage of playing volleyball?

u can get injured

What should you eat before playing a sport?

Some trainers recommend eating carbs before playing a sport.

How many children get injured from sport?

It depends on what sport you are playing.

What is the intention of playing a sport?

wanting or going to play a sport

Why playing sport keeps kids out of trouble?

Because they can't cause any trouble while they're playing the sport.

Does playing a sport keep us from being fat?

yes they do you can lose plenty of weight just by playing one sport

What muscles do you use when playing sports?

This varies widely depending upon what sport, and depending upon the sport, what position you are playing.

If you hit the birdie what sport are you playing?

You are playing Badminton.

What sport are you playing if you're playing pepper?


What makes sport popular?

We make sport popular by playing them and participation them.

You will need this when playing a certain sport?

Figure out what sport your going to play.

What is a lacrosse game?

Lacrosse is a sport. A lacrosse game is playing the sport.

What is the best way to gain interest in sport on the sport?

the best way to gain intrest in a sport is by playing it

How much energy do you burn when playing sport?

The amount of energy that is used when playing sports depends on which sport and how long you are doing the activity.

If I am playing a sport that I just don't have the heart for anymore should I quit or keep playing?

I think u should continue playing the sport find out what made you not have the heart for the sport or if you don't like it anymore try another sport or club that benefits you the best. i was in the same situation as you before hope this helps.