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Apart from the fact that you use a stick to hit a ball into a goal, everything.

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Q: What is the different between horse polo and field hockey?
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The development of professional sport between 1850 and 1900?

football, cricket, hockey, horse riding

What 3 sports can't be played left handed?

Pretty sure most can be But maybe things like horse racing? x

Which sport was earlier known as ''hockey on the horse back''?

Polo was originally called hockey on horseback

What spectator sport was established in 1886?

Horse races were probably the leading spectator sport in 1800, however foot races and walking races were also popular.

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the two types of horses have different gates. A gate is the speed of a horse.

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An Icelandic horse has another gait called the tolt which is different from a regular horse's trot. Another difference is they are different in appearance an Icelandic horse looks a bit like a large Shetland pony.

what is the different between the hoof of the cow ,horse, goat, and sheep?

There is none.

Why is hockey called hockey?

The name "hockie" (now Hockey) seems to have been first recorded in Ireland in 1527 and probably comes from the French word "hoquet" meaning "shepherds crook". It's called hockey (Ice or Roller) because it is a variation of Field Hockey (Offical Name Hockey, formally known as Field Hockey). Some also say that in the old days, when hockey was being invented, they had to use the only part of the livestock that they couldn't sell at market, the boney Hock. The Hock is the horse or cow equivelant of our heel. The other more stupid version is that it was going to be called puckie because of the puck. But in one game a hawk flew down and took the puck from the ice because it thought it was a small animal. So they called it "hawk-y" or hockey.

Which Pakistani hockey player known as the flying horse?


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No, a horse is Equus caballus, a donkey is Equus asinus, I believe. Donkeys are a different species. Mules are the cross between a male donkey and a female horse, and hinnies are the cross between a male horse and female donkey.

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You're kidding, right?