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Smaller wheels canmake a skateboard faster , bigger wheels increase stability .

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Q: What is the difference sizes in skateboard wheel sizes?
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Do skateboard wheels have sizes?

yes the sizes of skateboard wheels range from 40-70 mm

Why do smaller wheel sizes keep the skateboard closer to the ground?

Well, think about it. If you have a small wheel, the smaller the diameter, height and width. Therefore closer to the ground.

Skateboard wheel size?

The size of a skateboard wheel varies from 48 millimeters to 97 millimeters.

Can you change 3 wheel roking skateboard to 2 wheel roking skateboard?

No way. Its impossible

Is skateboard an example of wheel and axle machines?

Yes because on the bottom of the skateboard the wheel would be the wheel and the cylindrical metal part next to the wheel is the axle.

Is a skateboard a simple or compound machine?

The skateboard have wheel & axle and screw, the wheel is obvious the wheel and the axle is the truck and i think the screw is the hardware.

What does 65mm mean on skateboard wheel?

the circumference of the wheel

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?

To my belief and perspective, spitfire is the most sick, wiked, and most pop wheel for the skateboard.

Are there sizes for skateboard wheels?

Yes, they are called Avic

What is a skateboard wheel made out of?


Why is a skateboard a wheel and axle?


How many bearings does a skateboard have?

a skateboard has 8 bearings. 2 bearings inside each wheel facing opposite ways inside each wheel

How can tell if with a fake skateboard and a real skateboard?

no such thing as a "fake" skateboard, the only difference is quality.

What simple machine is a skateboard?

a wheel and an axle

How do you remove the bearings on a skateboard?

pop them out of the wheel

What in skateboard is the number and A mean?

the hardness of the wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel will be :)

What size is the smallest skateboard wheel?

riding on bearings

What is the best skateboard wheel?

Spitfire or Hubba or ricta

What is that circle thing inside the skateboard wheel?

a bearing

What is the average sizes for long skateboard deck?

The average i belive is 31' or 32'

Skateboard wheels vary in thickness. What is the range of thickness for a standard polyuretane skateboard wheel?

any where from 49mm to 66mm

What is the difference of a large skateboard vs a small skateboard?

One is bigger for your feet than the other.

What is the back of a skateboard called?

The board to which the wheels are attached on a skateboard is called the 'deck' of the skateboard. The wheel assemblies are generally known as 'trucks.' Also when buying a skateboard, remember to smile and have fun or the skatey watey will get maddy waddy at you!!

Where can one buy skateboard decks online?

One can purchase skateboard decks from Classic Board. Skateboard decks are available in many different sizes and designs. The price varies depending upon the size and the design.

What wheels are faster bike or skateboard?

Thin soft racing wheel